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Charles-Clyde & Mavis are two adventurous White Boxers that live in Hollywood, California. They also have a home in Aspen, Colorado and they travel a lot between the two places.

The WBC is dedicated to sharing informaton which improves the quality of life for people as well as pets.

Come here every day to share their travel and adventures on the Pic of the Day calendar.

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Cocoa Mulch can be lethal to pets.

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  • Books and calendars about Boxers.
  • Books about drawing and cartooning.
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    Living With a
    Deaf Dog.

    Information and suggestions about living with a pet that can't hear.
    Includes coloring book pages.

    Heart-warming letters and advice from owners of pets that can't hear.

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    Pet being difficult? You are not alone.
    What to do?

    Don't get mad.
    Get help.

    Cesar Chavez is:

    The Dog Whisperer

    New Discovery

    After having our arms stretched an extra foot or two by pulling dogs, a professional trainer recently showed us this wonderful device. Note there are some similar halters, but we tried others and only this one had this successful effect for us.

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