The Making of the

Charles-Clyde & Mavis live very happy, love-filled lives with lots of people and dog friends.

While in Los Angeles they live in a large artists' loft, where they have the run of the house.
While in Aspen, they live in a beautiful old victorian house with a very large yard to play in.
In Los Angeles they take long walks daily in a large, wide-open park which has views from the San Gabriel Mountains in the east, to the Pacific Ocean in the west.
In Aspen they go mountain climbing and hiking all the time; summer and winter!

They also love to travel! They have a big ol' Bronco to take exploring.
When traveling, they make sure to take along their humans to take lots of pictures which they keep in a book called the "White Boxer Chronicles".
This website is a reflection of that book's pictures and drawings to be shared with you and your friends.

Charles-Clyde & Mavis love to pose for the camera. Spectators often comment on how very quiet and well-behaved they are while the pictures are being taken. Then, they jump and run with tremendous excitement when they are done.
All of the photos you see in the "White Boxer Chronicles" are real photos actually taken "on location" and not faked.
If, however, some silly-bug bites us and we change a photo for fun, we will make sure to tell you.

Anton is a professional artist and the creator of the White Boxer Chronicles. He is the one who draws all the cartoons about Charles-Clyde and Mavis. His wife, Leslie, contributes in large part with her photos, ideas and creative editing eye. Charles-Clyde & Mavis (along with some of their friends) have been known to hack a page or two at the computer themselves!
Be sure to check out the WBC fun page.

The White Boxer Chronicles is maintained regularly to keep all the pics and projects up-to-date. It's a lot of work, but it's also lots of fun, and thanks to your incredible fan mail and guest book entries, it has been very satisfying to share!

All our best to you and your furry friends!

- Anton, Leslie, Mavis & Charles-Clyde -

White Boxer Chronicles

Well, it's time for another one of our long walks! No telling what we'll see today!
Every new day is such an adventure!

Thankyou for visiting
the White Boxer Chronicles.

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Charles-Clyde and Mavis.
Meanwhile, be thoughtful of others and, remember:
Be good to yourself !
Be good to your pets !

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